About MOLLI’s List

MOLLI’s List is a political action committee [PAC] that supports progressive pro-choice Democratic women running for election to state and local office in Missouri. We are committed to reproductive freedom and economic, educational and legal equality for all women.  We will identify and recruit women across Missouri to run for office and we will provide financial, strategic, and political support to our endorsed candidates.

MOLLI’s List is proud to be the successor organization to Harriett’s List.  It is our goal to be as successful in both raising dollars for and successfully supporting progressive women for state elective office in 2012 and beyond.

Governing Structures

Board of Directors

MOLLI’s List is governed by a Board of Directors, whose membership will exclude anyone currently elected to public office or an announced candidate.  Our current Board members are:

  • Caitlyn Adams
  • Claire Cook
  • Nancy Copenhaver
  • Nancy Cross
  • Kay Gabbert
  • Lisa Gould
  • Linda Locke
  • Joan Suarez
  • Alexandra Townsend

Advisory Group

MOLLI’s Advisory Group is composed of progressive women who have been elected and who currently hold public office as well as community leaders who support our mission. Members of MOLLI’s Advisory Group include:

  • Alison Gee
  • Barbara Fraser
  • Bekki Cook
  • Denise Lieberman
  • Jeanette Mott Oxford
  • Jeanne Kirkton
  • Jill Schupp
  • Jolie Justus
  • Judy Baker
  • Julie Terbrock
  • Kathy McKemy
  • Kelly Schultz
  • Kristy Manning
  • Lara Granich
  • Margo McNeil
  • Marty Ott
  • Mary Still
  • Robin Wright–Jones
  • Rochelle Walton Gray
  • Sara Lampe
  • Stacey Newman
  • Stephanie Clemens
  • Susan Montee
  • Tishaura Jones
  • Tracy McCreery

We’re Proud to be connected to and in partnership with:

The Parasol Group

MOLLI’s List has joined with other progressive women’s groups in Missouri for the purpose of coordinating candidate recruitment and training,  We plan to target state legislative districts and coordinate our activities to elect progressive women in such districts.

Emily’s List

MOLLI’s List has partnered with Emily’s List to sponsor the Political Opportunity Program – to recruit and train progressive women to run for office. The first of these sessions were held in St Louis and Kansas City in June, 2011.

Visit the Emily’s List Website